Dedication, Experience and Expertise

Brian Sanderson, President

Brian E. Sanderson

President & Co-Founder


A Message From Our President

On our leadership, culture and people

For more than two decades, GPI has been a leader in strategic acquisition search. Our firm's success is driven by the quality of our people. We are passionate about supporting bold clients in building market leading companies of scale. Our people thrive on challenges and seek to partner with clients on their most important growth initiatives. Led by senior professionals, GPI deal teams are tenacious in embracing our clients' vision to achieve success. Highly regarded for our exceptional ideas, we are relentless in identifying and securing the best acquisition partners for our clients.

GPI's culture is centered around an unyielding drive to accomplish our clients' most important goals. We believe a successful acquisition is one where all the stakeholders' benefit. As an integral part of our clients' M&A teams, GPI has been a trusted advisor on over 110 transactions. These deals have helped clients build market leaders and deliver above average returns to its investors. We are proud that our efforts have also helped create special companies that have made a lasting positive impact on the world.

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